You can do it either by editing a template (see About workflow templates) or after a workflow is created.

To pre-skip a task in a created workflow:

You can do it either via a workflow's task list:

  1. Open the workflow's Properties sheet and go to the Tasks tab
  2. Choose the task from the task list
  3. Right-click the task and choose Skip

or via a task's Properties sheet:

  1. Double-click the task
  2. This opens the task's Properties sheet and go to the General tab
  3. Choose Skip in the Status option.
  4. Click Apply.

     Tip: The option 'Skip tasks until:' allows you to skip a number of tasks that have already been done and start a workflow from a particular task. This feature is available only for Not Started workflows. In the Tasks tab, choose a task you want become active and mark 'Skip tasks until', and then click Start.  

See also Skipping tasks.