Tasks can be edited by Workflow Managers and others with the relevant permission level.

To edit task duration

  1. Open the  task's Properties and go to the General tab.
  2. Click  to choose End date.
  3. Click Apply.

Note: When a task becomes overdue, all remaining tasks are moved back in time, but the duration of individual remaining tasks is not affected. The workflow end date is moved back by the number of days the task is overdue.

If the start date (and consequently the projected end date) of a task is important, you can fix the start date by ticking the Prevent Earlier Start box on Task properties. If preceding tasks finish earlier than planned, the workflow will enter a wait state until the start date is reached.

To edit a task description

  1. Open the  task's Properties and go to the General tab.
  2. Enter your text in the Description option.
  3. Click Apply.

    Note: The maximum text length allowed in a single task description is 250 characters.

To edit the name of a task (Other type only)

  1. Right-click the task and choose Rename Task.
  2. Enter a new name for the task, and click OK.

See also Editing workflow templates

To change the status of a task

See Pre-skipping tasks, Skipping tasks, Completing tasks.

To change the workflow role of a running task

  1. Locate the task on the workflow Properties
  2. Right-click the task and choose Change Role To > \[desired role\]. Note that the role set roles Referee and CRG Advisor do not appear in the menu, so even though it's possible to move tasks from a Referee or CRG Advisor to another role they cannot be changed back again.

To upload files to a workflow via task Properties

  1. Open task Properties.
  2. Click New file. This opens the Upload Workflow Document window.
  3. Do one of the following:
    • To store a file from your computer in Archie, use the File Stored in Archie option, click Browse and locate a file for uploading.
    • To link to an online resource, use the File Stored Outside Archie option, and specify the name and URL.
  4. If you wish this to replace an existing file with the same file name, select Overwrite if File Exists.     
  5. Click OK. The task now has a  icon in the Tasks tab of the workflow Properties.

 Note: Maximum file size for uploading is 10 MB.