A task email template can be edited by Workflow Managers and others with the relevant permission level.

Templates can include placeholder fields that are automatically filled in with the relevant value when the email is sent, for example to include a review's title or registration date.  

To set up a  task email template

  1. Enter a name for the template in the Name field.
  2. Choose the type of template in the Type option.
  3. If the type is Information email, choose a recipient from the Recipient pull-down list.
  4. Choose whether the Sender should be the current user or always the Workflow Manager.   
  5. To always CC a person based on workflow role, choose a role from the CC Role pull-down .
  6. To always CC a specific person, click   to pick the person. See Choosing a person or date for details.
  7. Mark the Default Template checkbox if you want your template to be the default.

To add fields to a message

  1. Place the cursor in the message field.
  2. Choose a field from the pull-down list below the text field and click Insert Field.

     Note: You can also use Fields within the Subject of task email templates.

To attach a review version

  1. On the Attachments tab, choose the type of review version to be attached from the Version pull-down list.
  2. Choose a format (RevMan, PDF or Both) from the Format pull-down list.

To attach an Archie file

  1. Create a task email template and go to the Attachments tab.
  2. Click Add and a new file field appears in the Archie file attachments option .
  3. Click . This opens the Select file window.
  4. Choose a file and click Select.

See also: About workflow templates, About task email templates and  Sending task emails.