A 'task email' can be edited by a workflow manager and others with the relevant permissions. Editing a task email is done in the Create Email window, which has two tabs:

  • Message - contains information based on the chosen email template such as recipients, subject and the actual message text. The subject and text of a message are editable.

 Note: Do not modify the field where the ticket link will be inserted, otherwise the ticket email will be discarded.

  • Attachments - contains options for attaching files that are sent to a recipient within a task ticket. These options allow a workflow manager to attach review versions, files that are stored in Archie (the group's Files folder or in the workflow properties) and her/his local computer. A Workflow manager can choose and send a particular version of a review for which a workflow is started. The number of attached files are shown on the Attachments tab.

To copy a task email to others

  1. Create a task email and go to the Message tab.
  2. Click to pick the person to CC or BCC. See Choosing a person or date for details.
  3. Click OK and confirm that the person listed is the intended recipient. Repeat step 2 as needed to add more recipients.

 Tip: The email address used for the task assignee/email recipient and anyone copied on the message will be their primary email address in Archie.

 Warning: Anyone (along with the task assignee) who receives a copy of a ticketing email will have access to the ticket and be able to complete the task. The system will have no way of knowing if somebody other than the task assignee used the ticket to complete the task.

To attach a file to a task email

  1. Create a task email and go to the Attachments tab.
  2. Click the Add button. The file attachment option appears.
    1. If you want to attach:
      • A review version. Choose the format to use for the version, either Review RM5 file or Review PDF file, and then the version of the review from the Version pull-down list.
      • A comparison of two versions. Choose the Review Compare PDF file type and then two versions to compare from the Version 1 and Version 2 pull-down lists.
      • An Archie file. Choose the Archie file type and then click  to choose the file (see Choosing a person, document or date).
      • A workflow  file. Choose the Workflow file type and then click  to choose the file (see Choosing a person, document or date).
      • A local file. Choose the Local file type and then click the Choose File button to choose the file. When attaching a local file, the Save as Workflow File option is selected by default, so the file is retained in the system. This will allow you to easily resend the ticket with the same attachments . If you do not want to store the local file in the workflow, unmark the Save as Workflow File option before attaching your file.

       Note: The maximum combined local file size is 10 MB. The file name cannot exceed 100 characters (longer file names will be truncated to 100 when uploaded).

  3. Click OK. The file appears in the list of attached files.

 See also: Sending task emails; Deleting task email