About tasks

All tasks in a workflow are listed in the Task tab in the Workflow Properties sheet. Each individual task has a Properties sheet.

Each user can see their own Tasks in Progress on the Organizer tab, see Tasks in Progress.


 Tip: The My Reviews window in RevMan will show if you have an active task for a review.

Task properties

General - Contains general information about the task such as:

  • the name of a task along with its description
  • the name of the workflow template
  • the names of a workflow manager and a task assignee
  • status of the task ('In Progress', 'Completed' and 'Skipped')
  • start and due date of a task.

History - Records all events for the individual task. All events are listed in reverse chronological order with the most recent event at the top. A workflow manager can add notes to the history of the task. These notes automatically appear in the workflow history too. You can view task history with varying detail levels (Full, Medium and Simple) using the pull-down list at the top of the History tab. The default detail level option in tasks history is set to Simple (shows the most general workflow events).
See also Creating task notes.
Email - Allows a Workflow manager to create, send/resend and delete a 'ticket' or 'information' email . It is also possible to set Notification preferences.
See also  Sending a task email,  Editing a task email.
Advanced - Allows the Workflow manager to create a 'ticket' to be sent by email to the task assignee and set Notification preferences.

To open task Properties

  1. Find the task you want to open (e.g., in the workflow Properties, or with Advanced Search, see Advanced task search options).
  2. Double-click the name.

     Note: If comments or files for a task have been added either via a ticket or task Properties, an icon  for that task will appear on the Tasks tab of the workflow properties.