Workflow templates can be edited by users with the relevant group role permissions. You can:

  • Pre-skip tasks.
  • Modify the duration, description, role assignment, and default email template for tasks.
  • Insert custom tasks.

Warning: editing templates should always be done very carefully. We recommend that you consult with your ME Support person before applying any changes to the templates.

When a template is edited, the version number is updated with a revision counter, for example to "... (1.4 R3)". Note that the revision numbers were introduced in Archie version 3.12 in April 2013, and only count revisions made after that point.           

Edit a workflow template

  1. Open the Edit Workflow Templates .... See About workflow templates for more details.
  2. Use the Workflow Template pull-down list to choose the template you wish to edit.
  3. Click Edit.
  4. Insert any extra tasks you need - see Inserting tasks.  
  5. Adjust the duration for tasks in the Duration column (in days).
  6. Mark any tasks that you always want to be skipped in the Skip column. For some decision tasks, you must also specify the decision that will be made. You cannot choose decisions that would lead to the workflow running in a infinite loop.   
  7. Choose which role each task should be assigned to by using the pull-down list in the Roles column.
  8. Choose a default email from the pull-down list in the Default email template column.
  9. If desired, assign specific persons to workflow roles in the People tab. The assigned person will always be the default choice for each workflow role. See Workflow roles and Choosing a person or date for more details. 

    Warning: if in a template you assign people to any of the roles that are normally assigned per review based on the review's Document Roles, such as Contact Person, this will override the automatic assignment.

  10. Click Save.   

    Tip: You can use the Show Old option to also be able to choose previous major template versions. These will be read-only.

Edit a task description

  1. Open the Edit Workflow Templates.
  2. Choose a workflow template from the pull-down list.
  3. Right-click the task and choose Edit Task Description from the context menu. This opens the Edit Task Description window.
  4. Enter your edits to the description and click OK.

Note: The maximum text length allowed in a single task description is 250 characters.

Customising workflow templates: training video