Workflows can be edited by the Workflow Manager or people with relevant group permissions. Editing a workflow is done through the workflow's Properties.

To open an existing workflow

  1. Go to Resources and choose your group.
  2. In the Workflow folder do either:
    • Right-click the name and choose Properties.
    • Double-click the name of a workflow.
    • Click the name so it is highlighted and use File > Properties.

 Tip:  You can open an existing workflow for a particular review from the Workflow tab of its Properties.

To edit a workflow duration

  1. In the workflow's Properties sheet choose the General tab.
  2. Click to choose Start and End dates. Once a workflow is started, you cannot modify the start date.  
  3. Click Apply. The durations of all tasks not yet completed will be adjusted to match the new end date. The amount of time added or subtracted from a task will be proportional to its duration.     

     IMPORTANT: The 'Maintain this date while setting task dates' option does not affect what happens when the workflow is running. It exclusively applies to changes made to task durations by a manager.

    If this option is selected and an individual task's duration is edited, the duration of the workflow will remain fixed, and the duration of all other tasks adjusted accordingly. When this option is not selected, the duration of the workflow as a whole will change if individual tasks are modified.

To upload files to a workflow

  1. Open the workflow Properties or the review's Properties.
  2. Click New. The Upload Workflow Document window opens.
  3. Do one of the following:
    • To store a file from your computer in Archie, use the File Stored in Archie option, click Browse and locate a file for uploading.
    • To link to an online resource, use the File Stored Outside Archie option, and specify the name and URL.
  4. If you wish this to replace an existing file with the same file name, select Overwrite if File Exists.  
  5. Click OK.

You can also upload files to individual tasks, see Editing tasks for more details.

 Note: If you submit a file via the task properties, the name of the task is recorded in the Task column.

To rename an uploaded file

See Working with files.

To edit workflow roles

See Workflow roles.

To edit workflow templates

See About workflow templates.

To set task notifications

See Task notifications.