A workflow is based on a template that defines the order and duration of tasks, and which workflow role they are assigned to.

The templates are occasionally updated to better reflect editorial practices, and are therefore assigned a version number.
CRGs can customize the workflows used within each group by editing the templates. The custom CRG templates include a short label identifying the group and a revision number, so if the   example  .
When a new workflow is started, it will by default be based on the most recent CRG-specific template for that type of workflow. If the CRG has not created a customized version of the latest version template, the default template will be used.

 Once a workflow has been started, you cannot change the template used. If you wish to update a workflow to use a newer template, you can use the Update function, or manually abort the existing workflow, and start a new one where you skip to the relevant task(s).      

To open the workflow template editor

  1. Do one of the following:
    • Right-click the name of a group and choose Edit Workflow Templates.
    • Use Tools > Edit Workflow Templates.

This opens the Edit Workflow Templates window.

To view earlier versions of customized templates

  1. Open the Edit Workflows Templates window.
  2. Tick the check box Show Previous Customised Group Templates.
  3. Select the workflow template you want to view from the pull-down list.

 Note: It is not possible to delete or edit inactive templates.

To delete a workflow template

  1. Open the Edit Workflow Templates window.
  2. Use the Workflow Template pull-down list to choose the workflow template you wish to delete. You can only delete custom CRG templates.
  3. Click Delete.

 Note: You can delete a workflow template only if there is no running workflows using this template.

 See also Editing workflow templates.