Translation document search

You can use Advanced Document Search to find specific translations. Useful search fields in relation to translation document search include:

  • Language - finds translation files of a specific language project

  • Outdated - fnds translation files that do not correspond to the most recent Review version anymore (because the Review has been republished with changes in the translated sections).

  • Date published - date range translations were last published

  • Review DOI (CD Number) - will find both the English Review and any corresponding translation documents.

Finding and updating outdated translations

You can use the Advanced Search to find translations that are marked as outdated (search field: Outdated) in a specific language (search field: Language). Translations need to be updated and re-published on Memsource; this cannot be done in Archie.

Search and export a list of translations

You can export an overview of translation documents, for example a list of all translations in your language, and their publication date.

  1. Search for the translations you wish to export - see Advanced Document Search.

  2. Select the results.

  3. Export a file with the desired data - see Selection and exporting.

Translation reports

Managing Translators and Super Users can right-click on their language project folder and select Reports:

  • Publication Pipeline - lists all published translations in your language over a certain period of time.