Each active translation project has a dedicated language project folder in Archie, for example: French translation project, or Spanish translation project. All language project folders sit within the Translation Projects folder on the Resources tab. A language project folder contains all translation documents that have been completed in a certain language.

User roles and permissions

Users with a role in a specific language project folder have permissions related to translation documents in that language only. For example, users with a role in the French translation project folder can access French translations.

Permissions and roles in Archie in relation to translations are limited, as translation teams produce translations in Memsource. However, user roles in translation project folders determine access to Memsource. People who need access to Memsource to work on translations, have to have a role in the relevant translation project folder in Archie, and can then log in to Memsource via https://memsource.cochrane.org.

Existing roles and related permissions within a language project folder are:

  • Managing Translator - can view and download translations. Can log in to Memsource as Project Manager for their language.

  • Translator - can log in to Memsource as Linguist for their language..

  • Super User - has maximum permissions within a language project folder, and can assign folder and document roles. Cannot log in to Memsource, unless also has one of the above roles.

For individual translation documents:

  • Contact Person (optional) - currently not in use.