About translations

Archie stores and publishes translations of Full Reviews. We do not currently support translations of Protocols and Withdrawn Reviews.

Translation teams can choose to translate the following combinations of Review sections:

  • Title and Abstract

  • Title and Plain Language Summary

  • Title, Abstract and Plain Language Summary

  • Title, Abstract, Plain Language Summary and other main text sections of the Review

Translation of the Title, and either Abstract or Plain Language Summary, is mandatory for successful publication.

Translations are published in the Cochrane Library and on www.cochrane.org.

Archie does not support the translation workflow itself. Translation teams produce translations in a third-party translation software called Memsource. Memsource has been integrated with Archie since April 2018.

Getting started

Active translation teams get access to translation management in Archie and Memsource. If you are interested in translating Cochrane Reviews, please contact Cochrane support (support@cochrane.org).