The Review Versions Search is a module of Archie that consists of a ’back‐end’ where each published version of a Cochrane Review is stored in searchable form (as part of the Archie database), and a ’front‐end’ interface for performing searches across the reviews and extracting data. This module has replaced the old data extraction system known as the Parent Database.

Permission to access the Review Versions Search is given to:

  • Entity Super Users.
  • Members of the Monitors, the Cochrane Editorial Unit and the Research Projects user groups.

Note that people who need to access the Review Versions Search for special purposes can request to be added to the Research Projects user group by sending a request to the Editor in Chief and IMS Team Manager. The request must include the following basic information:

  • Name.
  • Role within Cochrane.
  • Brief description of the project/reason for request.
  • Duration of requested access.