You can search for tasks using one or more of the following search fields:

  • Assigned To - finds tasks assigned to the specified person.
  • Task Name -  finds tasks with a particular task name.
  • History- searches task histories for a world or text string.
    - Dates -
  • Start - searches tasks by start date
  • End or Due - searches tasks on their end/ due date.
  • Days Left - searches for tasks according to their number of days left  until the task end/due date.
    - Task Status -
  • Status - finds the tasks based on their status (Not Started, Completed, In Progress, Aborted, Passive).
  • Is Overdue - identifies tasks that are (or are not) overdue.
  • Is Skipped - searches for tasks with the Skipped status.

- Workflow -

  • Manager - finds tasks managed by the specified particular person (e.g., tasks belonging to a workflow for which the specified person in the Workflow Manager).
  • Group - searches for tasks in (or not) the specified group.
  • Workflow  Type- searches for workflows of the specified type (i.e., Title Registration, Protocol Development or Review Development).
  • Workflow Status - searches for tasks based on based on the workflow status.
  • Workflow Role- searches for tasks according to a particular workflow role assigned to people.
    - Relative to Selection -
  • Selected Tasks  - restrict search to previously selected tasks.
  • Tasks for Selected Workflows - searches for tasks in workflows in the selection set.

Search fields and their corresponding options:

Search criteria


 Search term

Workflow Task Name
Workflow Role

Is not

Choose your search term from a pull down list

Days Left

Not equals
Greater than or equals
Less than
Less than or equals

Input a number

Assigned To

Is not

Search for and select a person you want using the button

  • Searching on the search field Manager identifies all tasks in relation to which the specified person has a manager role. Searching on Assigned To field  identifies all tasks to which the specified person has been assigned to.   



Enter a free-text search term

Is Overdue Is Skipped

Yes No


Start End or Due

Before After On Not before Not after

Input the date of your search using the  button

Tip: The difference between Before and Not after, and between After and Not before, is whether the date itself is included. For example, searching on records created After 1 January 2000 will only find records from 2 January onwards.