Processing the initial proposal

After receiving an expression of interest from a potential author (e.g., by email):

  1. Confirm that the proposed topic is appropriate for a Cochrane review and falls within the scope of your Group.
  2. Confirm that the proposed topic does not overlap significantly with any existing Titles, Protocols, or Full Reviews in your Group or another CRG.
  3. Create a Vacant Title in Archie and assign the Document Role Contact Person (which may involve creating a new Person record in Archie). Check that the Write Phase (General tab) is Editorial.
  4. Ask the Contact Person to complete and submit a Review Proposal Form (RPF).
  5. When the completed RPF is returned by the Contact Person, follow your Group's existing procedures for reviewing the RPF, requesting changes, and approving a final version.

Registering an approved title

Once the RPF has been approved, convert the Vacant Title created in the preceding steps to a Registered Title:

  1. Check (using Quick Search) whether all the proposed authors have Person records in Archie. Create new records (using the Person Wizard) for any authors not already in the system. Be sure that all authors have been assigned the Group Role Author in your Group.
  2. Open the Properties of the Vacant Title:
    1. Confirm that the Write Phase (General tab) is Editorial.
    2. On the People tab, assign Document Roles as available. (Remember that the Contact Person may or may not also be an Author, and assign Roles accordingly.)
    3. On the Topics tab, link to your Group's Topics List, if possible.
    4. On the Advanced tab, enter the Next Stage Expected Issue.
    5. Create or update Notes, if necessary.
    6. Finally, change the Stage on the General tab from Vacant Title to Registered Title. (Note: This action will generate a message to the Newtitles mailing list, see About the Newtitles list).

Preparing the RevMan file for check out to authors

  1. Check the Registered Title out from Archie to RevMan.
  2. Edit the review Properties in RevMan as needed, e.g., enter the Review No. (if your Group uses these) and change the Stage from Title to Protocol.
  3. Consider adding any standard text used by your Group to the appropriate sections of the RevMan document, or adding other useful information (e.g., the web link to the Cochrane Handbook for Systematic Reviews of Intervention or references to RevMan and the Handbook).
  4. Check the file back in to Archie.
    1. Check in as a draft (i.e., not ready for editorial approval); this will keep the title listed under Registered Titles in Archie.
    2. Use a clear Version Description (e.g., 'Ready for check-out by authors').
  5. Change the Write Phase to Authoring (General tab of Properties).
  6. Send an email to the Contact Person to advise her/him that the RevMan file is now available for check out from Archie, and that you will now arrange for an email to be sent to him/her to allow him/her to register to use Archie. Refer the Contact Person to the 'IMS for authors' web page ( if you judge this would be helpful.
  7. Create an Archie user account for the Contact Person (at least) and for other Authors (at the same time, or as requested, as you prefer).

See also Using RevMan 5 in conjunction with Archie