There are five reports you can run for a review:

To open the review reports

  1. Locate the review (e.g., with Quick Search).
  2. Right-click the review and choose Reports.

The reports can be downloaded and printed, see Document viewer for details.  

Compare Contact Details report

This report lists all authors linked to a review with a Document role. It compares the affiliation details currently stored in Archie for the authors with the affiliation details stored in the review document, and show where there are differences. The report has two options for what version of the review is used:

  • The version that is currently in line to be published (the version marked for publication, or if such a version doesn't exist, the last published version).
  • The latest version.

For each author where a difference in Contact detail is detected, the report will show

  • the address in Archie
  • the address in the review version, and
  • a comparison of the two sets of contact details (similar to the results of comparing document versions).