Super Users in CRGs can use this wizard to ensure that all their reviews are published using the latest contact details from Archie.

The wizard can be run before publishing a review, and will list all reviews where Archie contains contact details that are different from those in the last published version of the review. The wizard includes an option to automatically rerun the publication wizard on each.  

 Note: Since the wizards need to go through all the reviews in a group, it can take a long time to run. The more reviews in the group, the longer it takes.

Running the wizard

  1. Right-click the group name under Resources, and choose Review Contact Details Wizard....
  2. The wizard will open and display a list of instructions. Click Next to proceed
  3. The next page of the wizard will list all the Group's reviews, and the type of differences in the contact details. Note that the reviews are being checked one at a time and it may take a while for all the information to appear. The types of differences are numbered to enable sorting, with a potential difference in both Contact Author and Co-authors given the top priority. If there are no differences in contact details for a review, the review is not shown on the list. You can at this point choose to see the details of the differences, and if desirable, republish some of the reviews with updated contact details - see below.           
    Tip: You can sort by difference type by clicking on the Difference Type column heading.
  4. When you have made all necessary changes, click Next to see a summary of the actions that were taken.
  5. Click Finish to exit the Wizard   

To see details

  1. Click a review in the list and then click Report - this will open the Compare Contact Details report

To republish a review

  1. Click a review in the list and then click Republish. This will create a new version based on the last published version, but with updated contact details, and mark it for publication.

If a new draft version exists, Archie will revert to this version after the updated version has been created.
If a review title is greyed out, the contact details in Archie need to be edited before they can be transferred to the review.
See also Changes to published reviews that require republishing.