The Review Citation Wizard can assist you in identifying reviews that are potentially relevant to your review, and help insert the correct citation. The suggested reviews are presented in a table along with information about their rank.

To identify possibly relevant reviews

  1. Click the review and use Tools > Review Citation Wizard ... The Review Citation Wizard opens.
  2. Click Next. A list of reviews that can be potentially relevant for citing is generated.
     Note: If a review is already cited, the Cited column in the Review Citation Wizard (Result) for that review will have a green icon: .

To export citations

  1. Open Review Citation Wizard and click Next.
  2. Select the reviews in the Review Citation Wizard to be exported and click Next.
  3. Click Export Citation. All select citations are exported in RevMan format.
  4. Save the file with exported citations on your local computer. The file can now be imported into RevMan.  
    Remember: It is not possible to export citations that are already cited.

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