In general, changes made to a published review will only be reflected in the next issue of the Cochrane Library if the Publication Wizard is run again for that review. This is true for any change that is made by editing the review in RevMan (for example, correcting a reference or modifying the citation byline), and for most, but not all, changes made in Archie.

The decision about whether a change to a review is important enough that an updated version of the review should be published as soon as possible, is one that should be made by the editorial base on a case-by-case basis. To aid in this decision, the table below lists those changes made entirely within Archie (for example, by editing the review's Properties) that could potentially require republishing.




Editing the review title


If you want the title change to be published as soon as possible and do not need to make other edits to the current publication.

Modifying Document Roles


If you have changed the review's citation byline in RevMan.

Changes to Contact Person's contact details


Consider republishing if the changes significantly affect a reader's ability to contact the Contact Person.

Changes to an Author's contact details


Consider republishing if the changes are significant, keeping in mind that the only information published for Authors is Department, Organisation, City, State (for authors based in the USA only), and Country.

Adding or removing a link to a topic

No need

The Topics List is automatically published in its current state at the monthly submission deadline.

Changing review Status from Active to Withdrawn


A Withdrawn review must be republished as such (after the reason for withdrawal has been added to the Published notes section of the RevMan file).

Changing the status of a Protocol from Withdrawn to Inactive (does not apply to Full Reviews, which must remain Withdrawn)

No need

Inactive Protocols are automatically excluded from publication. Note that all Protocols that have been published as Withdrawn for one Issue of The Cochrane Library now have their Status changed to Inactive automatically for the next Issue, so there is no need to make this edit manually.

See also Publishing a review and the Editorial and Publishing Policy Resource.