The Users Online list in Organizer allows you to see who is currently logged in to Archie. You can use the list  to communicate with the people shown, by either sending a message within Archie or by email.  There are also links to call or chat with via Skype, but only for persons with a Skype name entered in Archie.    

You have the option to prevent others from seeing that you are online.

To change your online status

  1. Choose the desired status in Set Me under the message field.

If you would like the default status when you log in to be Invisible, you can specify that under Preferences.

To send an instant message

  1. Click the person's name in the list.
  2. Enter your message in the message field.
  3. Click Send Message. The message appears as an alert window in the recipient's browser.
  4. Tip: You can send an instant message or email to several people at once. Use Ctrl+ click or Shift+click to select multiple names before sending the message or creating the email.

To create an email

  1. Select one or more recipients from the online users list.
  2. Click Send email. The Compose email page of your email client opens.
  3. By default, Archie will open the email client that is your system email client (e.g., Outlook), but if you wish to use a webmail account for creating new email messages, this can be set, see Preferences.

 To contact a person using Skype

  1. Click the icon in the Call or Chat column.

See also Emailing a person.