The current tasks assigned to you are displayed under Tasks in Progress on the Organizer tab. Next to the section heading is the total number of active tasks as well as settings for which tasks to display.

Tasks are sorted by due date, with Overdue tasks marked with a red exclamation point (  ).
You can skip, complete, or open the Properties of any task in this list by right-clicking the name of the task and selecting the appropriate menu option. 

Display options

By default, the system only shows the first 25 tasks. In such cases you can click [More] to see the full list.
You can also filter the tasks list by task name or a role type. The Author Roles filter will limit the list to tasks you have as Contact Person, while Editorial Roles will list all other tasks. 
Click the star in the top right to toggle between:

  • only showing tasks related to starred reviews (any colour);
  • only showing tasks related to reviews starred with each of the specific colours; or
  • showing tasks for all reviews.