The Calendar can be used for entering events relevant for you or your entity.  There are four types of events, each with a particular colour:

  • Personal events are green.
  • Group events are magenta.
  • System events are blue.
  • Workflow tasks are  brown, unless overdue where they become red.

All past events and tasks that are completed or skipped are shown in grey.

To create a new event

  1. Either:
    • Go to File > New > Event... . OR
    • Click a blank spot in the Calendar on the Organizer tab.

The Event window opens.

  1. Enter the Subject.
  2. Choose a calendar from the Calendar option. See 'Sharing events' below.
  3. Either set the time frame  Start Time and End Time for the event or mark it  as All-day event. Note:  All-day events are displayed at the top of the day.
  4. Choose a timezone from the Timezone pull-down list.
  5. Enter text in the text area and click OK.

To delete an event

  1. Click the Event you want to delete. The Event window opens.
  2. Click the Delete button and then OK to confirm deleting. The event is removed from the calendar view.

To edit an event

  1. Click the event on the calendar. The Calendar window opens.
  2. Do necessary edits and then click OK. The edits are applied to the event and reflected on the calendar view.

Tip: You can also drag events to a different position in the calendar.

Calendar view

You can set the calendar view to display either a month, week or day. The current day slot will be displayed with a yellow background.
You can browse your to the next or previous day, week or month by using the > and < buttons in the top-right corner of the calendar. Click the today button at the top-right corner of the calendar to return to the current day, week or month.
You can control which events to include in your calendar in your Preferences.  

To hide events

  1. Open Preferences by clicking the icon in the top-right corner of the Calendar bar. The Preferences window opens.
  2. Go to the Organizer tab.
  3. To hide the workflow tasks, deselect Include Workflow Tasks.
  4. To hide events from indvidual groups,  select the group(s) under Hide Events From the Following Groups.
  5. Click Apply.

Sharing of events

Events can either be personal or shared within a group. Events in your Personal Calendar can only be viewed and edited by you.
The Super Users in a group can create events in the group's calendar. These will appear in the calendar of every user with a role in the group (unless they elect to hide them). All Super Users in the group can edit and delete events in the group's calendar.
System Administrators can create global events that are shared with all users.

Seeing calendar and tasks in other software

You can publish your Archie calendar and tasks to a calendar feed (using iCalendar format) that you can subscribe to in any other system that supports the format- such as Microsoft Outlook or Google.
Your individual feed will include:

  • All the events you can see in the Calendar on the Organizer tab.
  • All your active workflow tasks. Note: In the Archie calendar feed, a workflow task is split into two events: Archie task start: [Task name] and Archie task due: [Task name].

To create an Archie calendar feed

  1. Go to Tools > Preferences …
  2. Under the Calendar in the Organizer tab, click Generate. The system generates the URL to the calendar.
  3. Copy the URL and paste
  4. Note: For security reasons keep the generated link confidential. Anyone with the link can see your tasks and personal calendar!
  5. To reset all access to your calendar, click Regenerate. The old URL will no longer work, and your feed will have a new URL (that you must copy again to use).

Examples of how to subscribe to an iCalendar feed in other software:

(Links valid October 2013).