To include updated contact details from Archie in a review, you must publish it again.

You can check for updates to your Authors in three ways:

  • by subscribing to messages when they change (set this under Properties: Settings tab: Notifications)
  • by using the Review contact details wizard
  • by running an Advanced Search for updated Authors

Note: the guidance below has not yet been update to include full details of the Review contact details wizard.   

1. Introduction

An important principle in Archie is that it does not modify a CRG's published output on its own. Therefore, when an author's contact details are changed, the new details are only published if  the CRG agrees with the changes and republishes the review with the new details.
Contact details stored in reviews are considered part of the review, and are as such not modified inside the review even if the person is modified in Archie. The latest contact details from Archie are only included with a review version:

  1. when it is checked out to RevMan, or
  2. optionally, when the review is published.

2. How to monitor changes in Author contact details

Note: See also the section on the Review contact details wizard.
There are two ways you can check for updates to your authors.

  1. Continously: subscribing to messages about author changes.
    You can now specify the types of messages you subscribe to. To review or change your subscriptions, open your Properties to the Settings tab and click Edit Notifications. The relevant notification is "A contact author of a published review in \[your CRG\] is modified". Each message will show the changes made, so you can easily evaluate if it is important to publish the new details (see item 3).
  2. Manually : running an advanced search for updated Authors.  
    There are several ways to do this. Your highest priority should be that your Contact Authors are up-to-date. If you go to Advanced Search and build a search for "Document Role Contact Author in [your CRG]", and (i.e. using Match all rows) "Modified After 25 May 2005" you will get a list of Contact Authors updated after the Issue 3 submission. Each of these results you can right-click and choose Person report - this will show the current details and what review(s) they are affiliated with. You can also do a similar search for the Co-author document role - or for a full list, simply search on Role in Group is Author in your CRG.

3. When to republish

Each CRG must individually decide whether an update to an author's contact details is important enough that the new details should be published as soon as possible. Generally, changes that mean readers would now have difficulty contacting the author by mail or email should be prioritized.

4. Republishing with new contact details

If an author's details have been updated, these can be inserted in the review by Publishing it, and checking the box on the first page of the Publication Wizard. You can use the View button on the same page too see the review and the currently included contact details as they will be published.

5. Publishing a different address than Archie's default

Reviews do not need to be published with the latest Author details in Archie. There are two ways you can achieve this:

  1. Linking an alternate address to the review. 
    For each Document Role, you can specify which of a person's addresses to use in that review. So if an author has several addresses (and these have been recorded in Archie by the Primary Group), e.g. as Work and Work2, you can choose to associate the Work2 address with a particular review through the Document Role. To change the address used: go to the People tab of the review's Properties; choose to Edit the relevant role; and go to the Address tab.  
  2. Editing the Contact details in RevMan.
    If you edit the contact details of an author in RevMan, and then check the review in, the version you just checked in will contain the contact details as edited in RevMan. These contact details will remain in the review until it is checked out again, or published with the option to update contact details checked. So you can, if so desired, publish a review with contact details that do not match those currently in Archie.

6. Republishing a review where the latest version is a draft

When you republish a review, you must keep in mind that the Publish function always uses the latest version of a review. This can be a problem if the review has draft versions that are not yet ready for publication. You can resolve this by temporarily making the previously published version (that you now wish to republish) the current version, publishing it, and then making the latest draft  the current version again. You can use the Revert to function to do this.
As an example, a review has four versions: 1.0, 2.0, 2.1 and 2.2.  The Contact Author's details have changed significantly, and the review should be republished. But the latest version, 2.2, is a draft that has not been approved, so it is version 2.0 that should be republished. This is done in three steps:

  1. Click version 2.0 and then click Revert to. This creates a new version 2.3, identical to version 2.0.
  2. Publish the review, choosing to include the latest contact details. This creates version 3.0, marked for publication
  3. Click version 2.2 and click Revert to. This creates version 3.1, identical to version 2.2. Work on the latest draft can now continue.