Monitoring forms

The monitoring form for CRGs, Centres and Fields can be edited and submitted to the Monitoring and Registration Committee (MaRC) by users with a role giving the 'Max' permission level for the group .
The monitoring forms are managed in the Monitoring Forms window.  At the top is a list of all the group's forms (current and previous), showing the main attributes. Below the list, further details are shown in two tabs:

  • General - shows when the form was created and modified; and by whom. It also provides information on the status of the report.
  • Attachments - allows you to attach files to be submitted along with the monitoring form. The files must first have been added to the group's Files folder in Archie.

To edit a form

  1. Right-click your group and choose Reports > Monitoring forms. The Monitoring Forms window opens.
  2. Select the form and click Open. The form opens in a new browser window or tab.  
  3. Edit the form as needed.
  4. When done, click Save. The form window or tab closes.
    You can edit and save the form as many times you like. It will not be submitted until you use the Submit option (see below).

To attach files to the form

  1. In the Monitoring Forms window, select the form and go to the Attachments tab.
  2. Click Add. The Select file window opens. You can only attach files from your group's Files folder.  
  3. Choose a file and click Select.
  4. Click Save.

To remove a file from the form

  1. Click the Attachments tab in the CRG Monitoring Forms window.
  2. Click Remove. The bottom row is removed.

To submit a form

  1. Open the Monitoring Forms window.
  2. Select the form and click Submit to MaRC. Once the form is submitted, you will only be able to view it in read-only format.
    Note: If you have not filled in all mandatory fields in the form, the system will prevent submission and prompt you to fill in the missing fields.

See also Group reports.