Archie consists of web pages and is viewed in a browser. But it is an advanced system that will not always behave just like a simple web page. This means that for some things you cannot use the browser's standard functions, but should instead use the function provided in Archie's interface. Some of the browser functions you cannot expect to work as usual are:

  • the Back and Forward buttons
  • Print
  • the browser's context (or 'right-click') menu

Interface components

The Archie interface has the following main components:
At the top is

  • the tabs where you can switch between the main sections of the system, and the Quick Search box, and below these
  • the menu bar, containing menus relevant for the current tab.

The section of the screen below the tabs and menu displays information or options relevant for the selected tab.

  • The Organizer tab contains the Calendar and a Messages overview.
  • The Resources tab consists of the resources explorer, which is split into
    • a tree view on the left, used for navigating to a particular folder, and
    • a folder view on the right, listing the contents of the currently selected folder.
  • The Search tab is divided into tabs where you can run searches and work with your search results.   

 Figure 1, below, shows a simplified view of Archie's interface, with names of the main elements.

Fig. 1:Main interface elements for the Resources tab

Using menus

The menu bar contains a number of standard menus:

  • The File menu, with options for creating new resources, and a number of options relevant to any currently highlighted resource.

Tip: The resource-specific options in the File menu (such as Properties) are always also available as a right-click menu for each resource.

  • the Tools menu, with options for reporting data, and (for Super Users) resolving duplicates
  • the Favourites menu
  • The Help menu, with links to the Help file and other information about Archie

The options in a menu may vary. Some menu option are only relevant for specific resources, and can only be used when you have highlighted such a resource (with a single left-click). For example, the Select All option only applies to Group roles.

Selecting records

Many functions in Archie depend on you first selecting a set of records to work with (for example to export them). You can find and select records in two ways:

  • Browse the Resources and selecting some or all resources in a folder - see About Resources.    
  • Run a Search and selecting some or all results - see Results.

See also About Resources.