Using a mobile device

It is possible to use Archie on phones or tablets using touch input, but it should be noted that Archie has been designed for use on a computer using a mouse and keyboard (see System requirements). This means that some parts of Archie works slightly different on a mobile device.     

Mobile-specific functions


Archie uses right-click menus extensively, but right-clicking is not possible on mobile devices. Instead, when you tap an item once, Archie will display a button next to that allows you to access the right-click menu. The default is for Archie to enable this only when it detects you are using a mobile browser, but you can use Preferences to force this to be always on or always off.   

Comparing versions

Comparing document versions requires highlighting two versions to compare. You can highlight multiple document versions simply by clicking their icon (in addition to the desktop-only method of using Ctrl-click).