The table below outlines who has responsibility for managing the different types of data stored in Archie.

Details of other responsibilities, such as user support or system management and backup, are not included here.

Managing data in Archie: roles and responsibilities

PeopleResponsibilitiesContact(s) for queries
Individuals who do not have access to ArchieKeep their primary Cochrane Group informed about any changes to their contact detailsPrimary Cochrane Group
Standard users (individuals who have access and can edit their own contact details) Update their own contact details and verify that Group affiliation is correctPrimary Cochrane Group
Group administrators  (typically Super Users)Update their own contact details
Update their Group record

Update the Group’s membership/role information
Update Group members’ records (if primary), or notify relevant administrator (if not primary)
Respond to questions/requests from other Group administrators
Respond to questions/requests from Group members
Individuals in question, or other Group administrators
Data administrator1 (staff of the Central Executive Team)Try to ensure that contact details of the contact people of all Groups are available and up-to-date
Updates these contact details if necessary2
Directs questions/requests to the appropriate Group
Particular individuals, Group administrators, or System administrator
System administrator1 (staff of the Cochrane ITS team)Has no data responsibilities
Performs imports and bulk editing tasks, and generates reports from the Database
Responds to questions/requests
1. Data and System administrators may also independently be Group administrators for specific entities.
2.  The type and number of contact persons required will depend on the type of Group, and should be agreed with the Central Executive Team (