You can compare two document versions to identify differences between them. Differences are highlighted in red and green; deleted text is shown in red and with strikethrough; inserted text is shown in green and underlined.

To compare two versions

  1. On the History tab, click the first of the versions to compare. It becomes highlighted.
  2. Ctrl-click the other version to compare. It is now also highlighted.

Tip: You can also highlight versions by clicking their icon - this is the only way to do it on mobile devices.  

  1. Click Compare. The document text will open with changes highlighted in red or green.

You can save the compared text as an HTML file using the Download option (disk icon button), or create a PDF version by printing it to your PDF generation software (such as Acrobat or pdfFactory). See Viewing documents.

To locate changes in compared documents

  1. Open the document text with changes highlighted in red or green.
  2. Click  to locate the changes in a document. If you want to return back to the previous location in the document click

Archie versus Microsoft Word

The ‘compare versions’ function in Archie is useful for quick comparisons, but there are limitations to what kinds of changes this functionality can display. If you need to know the details of every change made between two versions, this can be performed using Microsoft Word.

  1. In Archie, open the first version. Select all the text (via your browser’s Edit menu or using a keyboard shortcut: Ctrl-A in Windows; Command-A in MacOS)
  2. Copy and paste into a Word document
  3. Save the Word document with a suitable name
  4. Repeat 1-3 for the second version that you want to compare.
  5. In Word, access the ‘Compare Documents’ function. In most version of Word this is found under the menu Tools > Track Changes > Compare Documents..
  6. You can then select the two Word documents you have saved and Word will mark up all the changes
  7. This can take some time if the documents are very long, so you can either be patient or use selected parts of a review.