About derivative products

You can see references to three types of derivative products in Archie: CCA (Cochrane Clinical Answers), Podcasts and Guidelines. The derivative products are listed in the tree view under Derivative Products heading. If the product is linked to a review, a Derivative Product folder will appear in the tree view under the review. A derivative product can be linked to reviews, and reviews can be linked to derivative products.
The actual derivative product can be accessed via the URL (web site address), that is mentioned in the Properties of existing Derivative Products.
Some of the benefits of storing the references to derivative products in Archie are:

  • You register the link between reviews and derivative products
  • You can manage updating derivative products when reviews get updated
  • You can share information about derivative products with the users

Sharing derivative products

By registering derivative products in Archie, you will allow all users to see the products and the link to reviews. No special permissions apply to viewing derivative products.