Instructions for Cochrane contributors who need to view or edit their details in Archie

You can edit your name, primary email and Cochrane Account login details in your Cochrane Account.

Use Archie to edit further details, including your address, affiliations and privacy settings. 

Your contact details in Archie can be edited by yourself, your editorial team, and Cochrane Support teams. 

See also general information on Editing a person record.

1. Log in to Archie (the Cochrane contributor database). You need to have been allocated a role as an author, or another role granting Archie access, in order to log in.

2. Click on your name in the top right hand corner of the screen.

3. In the person record pop-up box that appears, you can edit your personal details on the General tab.

4. Click next to your name to edit your name, title and academic suffix.

5. Your contact details can be read by everyone who has access to Archie. You can adjust your privacy preferences on the Settings tab. If you hide your details, they can only be read by your editorial team and Cochrane Support teams. 

If you are the contact person of a review, your contact details will also be published in the Cochrane Library. If you are not the contact person, your name and affiliation will appear.  

7. Your contact address is personal information only, and is not used in reviews. To add an affiliation for a review, see Affiliations for review bylines.