Instructions for Cochrane Review authors who need to add an Affiliation in Archie

1. Log in to Archie (the Cochrane author contact database). You need to have been allocated a role as author for a review group in order to log in.

2. Click on your name in the top right hand corner of the screen.

3. In the person record pop-up box that appears, click New to add a new address.

4. Add the label Affiliation 1 and fill in the relevant details.

5. Click Apply.

6. Your affiliation is now visible when Affiliation 1 is selected as an address.

7. When you Edit an address, you can also select to hide the address. This means it will only be visible to your editorial team and Cochrane Support teams.

If you are the contact person of a review, your contact details, including your email address, will be published in full in the Cochrane Library. If you are not the contact person, your name and affiliation will appear.  

To adjust your privacy settings, see Edit your own details in Archie.

7. To add multiple affiliations, follow the steps above using labels Affiliation 2, Affiliation 3 as appropriate. 

8. Author details will update dynamically in RevMan Web when saved in Archie. You may need to refresh the review to view changes. To view the affiliation(s) in RevMan 5, make these changes when your review is checked in, and then check it out again. This will update the details.

9. If your affiliation(s) change in the course of preparing a review, please add your new affiliation but do not delete your previous one, and inform your Managing Editor. See further guidance on changes in author affiliations.

10. If you have any problems linking multiple affiliations to the byline of your review, contact the editorial team at your review group, who will be able to ensure that the correct affiliations are used in your review.