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Archie: Terms of Use

  1. Introduction
    Individuals should be able to trust that their contact details are treated responsibly and are only shared between those who have a valid reason for accessing them.
  2. No bulk mailing
    Archie should never be used to generate large mass mailings across entities. The Cochrane Collaboration has a series of voluntary email lists that should be used whenever a large number of people need to be contacted.
  3. No sharing with other parties
    Individual users are not allowed to share data from Archie with parties outside the Cochrane Collaboration.
  4. Hiding information
    To have elements of your information marked as hidden, please notify your Cochrane group.
  5. Actions are logged
    The system can log all actions performed by users. The system administrators retain the right to any analysis of the logs for security or optimisation purposes.
  6. Sanctions
    It is the responsibility of the system administrators to revoke access of any user accounts that are used in violation of these terms immediately. This may result in termination of your Cochrane Account as detailed in the Cochrane Account terms and conditions. Any disputes over access will be handled by the Cochrane Central Executive.