Archie works best in the most recent versions of Chrome or Mozilla Firefox (currently the most widely used). If you use other versions or other broswers you may see minor inconsistencies in layout or functioning. If you use Internet Explorer versions 6 or 7 the system will show a warning on the login page. Archie is not optimised in any version of Microsoft Edge.
Your browser must be configured to allow:

  • Cookies
  • JavaScript
  • Popups (see below)

Archie can also be used on mobile devices.

  • Desktop resolution of 1024x768 or more

Allowing popup windows

Some browsers or extra browser plug-ins can prevent websites from automatically opening popup windows, as these are generally used for advertisements. Archie uses many useful popup windows (and would never display advertisements!), so if you have software that blocks popup windows, you need to set it up to accept all popup windows from the Archie site.

To allow popups for Archie

There are too many different tools for blocking popup windows, for us to be able to describe them all here. Please refer to the documentation for the software you are using for full instructions. However, the same principle applies for all: you need to allow pop-ups for the Archie site ( and for the online Help file. Below are basic instructions for the some common tools:
If you are using Internet Explorer on Windows XP Service Pack 2:

  1. In Explorer, got to Tools > Pop-up Blocker > Pop-up Blocker Settings...
  2. Enter the Archie address ( in the Address of Web site to allow box, and click Add   

If you are using the Google toolbar:

  1. Go to the Archie login page (
  2. On the Google toolbar, click the popup blocker button. It will read "[number] blocked"